How to create and edit a message template in Clinch Talent

Clinch Talent Message Templates are an integral component of the Workflows tool. You will need to create at least one message template before setting up a workflow.

Create a New Message Template in Just 3 Steps 

On the main dashboard, in the top navigation, go to  Candidates > Message Templates, and click on the "+" to create a new message template.

  1. Name your template. For example, "Event Follow-up mail."
  2. Create a subject line for your message (A.). If you wish to create a dynamic subject line i.e. — one that includes automatic personalisation, please insert the following command {{candidate_first_name}} at the appropriate point, as seen in the example below.
  3. Compose your email (B.), using the dropdown to add personalization where appropriate (C.)

N.B. You can now use emails in Clinch Talent to deliver a special link (with tracking ID) to any of your Clinch Talent pages. Once a candidate clicks on that link in the email, the page will appear pre-filled with his or her information for a better, more personalized candidate experience.

  • To add the link, click on the insert/edit link icon, and select the relevant page from the "Link list" dropdown.
  • Edit "Text to Display" so that the link appears as words in your email, rather than a lengthy URL.
  • Click "Ok."

5. Once you have returned to the main compose mail screen, hit "Save"  (D.) to return to the newly updated list of templates.

Editing a Message Template 

  1. You can edit your message at any time by navigating to Candidates > Message Templates from the top nav or left menu, and clicking on the pencil icon in line with the relevant message.
  2. To delete a message, click on the trash icon. For information on how use your message template in an email campaign, please click here.

With your new message saved, it is now available for use in a  Clinch Talent Workflow. For information on setting up a Workflow in Clinch Talent, please see the associated help doc. 

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