Job Routing

If you decide to host your careers website with Clinch Talent and have integrated Clinch Talent with your ATS, you can choose to present a subset of jobs with a unique page template. For example, you may want all "Engineering" jobs to be displayed showing a video of the engineering department. You may want all pages for London-based jobs to have pictures of the London office and other city landmarks. You can accomplish this automatically with "Job Routing"

This example will illustrate how to use a new page template for all jobs with a department of "Engineering".

1. Create a new template

Navigate to Home > Web Pages > Careers Website. 

Go to the "Page Templates" section and click the "duplicate" icon beside your existing job page template (all Clinch Talent accounts will have at least one)

Your new page template will be named something like "Job page (duplicate)". 

2. Edit the template

Click on the newly created page template and goto the "Page Settings" to rename it to something better e.g "Engineering Job Page". You can choose to make content modifications to this page template now or later. Don't forget to click "Update" to see your changes.

3. Set up the job route

Navigate back to Home > Web Pages > Careers Website. Go to the Job Routing section and click the plus button to make a new job route. Choose the "Engineering Job Page" template and set the criteria to: department = "Engineering"

The jobs criteria input box uses the jobs filtering language. This allows you to define your subset of jobs by city, country, title, department, category or a combination of those.

Click "Save"

Your job route is now in place. This means that any jobs with a department of "Engineering" will be displayed using your new "Engineering Job Page" template

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