Customizing the jobs lists block

You can customize the jobs lists block so that the candidate sees any one of the following three options:

1. Criteria-based jobs: jobs that meet specific criteria. For example, you might wish to show a list of New York City-based jobs only. 
Best for: location- or department/category-specific landing pages. 
For help building your job lists criteria, please see the dedicated help doc.

2. Recommended jobs: jobs based on that individual candidate's previous behaviour.
Best for: career site homepage as it delivers the candidate a noticeably more personalized experience from the outset.
N.B. If a candidate has never viewed a job, Clinch Talent will recommend the latest jobs. Once they click to view a job, the platform can then make future recommendations based on the candidate's previous selection. 

3. Similar jobs: jobs the platform recognizes as being "like" the current job, based on the behavior of all candidates who have visited the site. 
Best for: job page sidebar as it introduces the candidate to other jobs that they may not otherwise be aware of, such as those in other locations, for example. This is adaptive content that updates depending on which job page the candidate is viewing. 

To customize the job lists block:

1. In the page editor, click on the pencil icon in the top right corner of the content block.

2. From the dropdown, select the type of jobs you would like the candidate to see, and hit SAVE. 

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