Candidate Favorites

Visitors to your Clinch Talent careers site, both anonymous and known, can now favorite jobs that interest them. 


To enable this feature, navigate to Admin > Settings > Company > Content Options and click "Allow candidates to favorite jobs"

What the candidate sees

Candidates will now be presented with the action "Add to favorites" on job pages.

When the candidate favorites the job, the button will change to indicate they have favorited the job.

When the candidate returns to a page which shows a list of recommended jobs, their favorite jobs will be placed at the top of the list. See more about recommending jobs to candidates

A candidate settings screen is available at https:// /me/settings >/me/settings. By providing a link to this in your page layout, candidates can update their own settings.

What the platform user sees

You can see what an individual candidate has favorited by navigating to Admin > Candidates > Your Candidate and viewing the side panel:

You can filter for all candidates that have favorited a particular job by navigating to Admin > Candidates and choosing "Job: Favorited" in the filtering criteria:

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