Using code to customize pages for candidates

The pages on your Clinch Talent careers website can be customized so that your candidates enjoy a more personalized experience. This can be achieved using  page layoutscode blocks, and the liquid template language

Note: This article assumes some knowledge of HTML.

Displaying the candidate's name

The following code block will either display a message, addressed to the candidate, or a generic message depending on whether the candidate is "known" i.e. we have some way of identifying them / contacting them.

{% if candidate.is_known %}
<h2 class="text-center">Jobs that might interest you, {{candidate.first_name | capitalize}}</h2> <!-- display the candidate's first name and capitalize it -->
{% else %}
<h2  class="text-center">Jobs that might interest you</h2>
{% endif %}

Here is what the page looks like to a known candidate:

Here is what the page looks like to an anonymous candidate. Note how anonymous candidates can still  favorite jobs:

Linking to candidate settings

The following code placed inside a  page layout will provide a link to the candidate settings. It is useful to place this code in the navigation bar of the page layout.

  {% if candidate.is_known %}
  <a href="/me/settings">{{candidate.first_name}} {{candidate.last_name}}</a>
  {% else %}
  <a href="/me/settings">Your settings</a>
  {% endif %}

Here is what the link to the candidate settings looks like to a known candidate:

Here is what the link to the candidate settings looks like to an anonymous candidate:

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