How to add a blog post in Clinch Talent

Clinch Talent now has a blogging engine built into it. This means that you can now easily create, publish, and manage career-related blogs in the same place that you manage your career site and landing pages. The blog engine also leverages the Clinch Talent templating feature to ensure that your individual posts display with a look and feel that’s consistent and on-brand with your other careers content.   

With Clinch Talent, you can create as many blogs as you like, and there is no limit to how many posts each individual blog can contain. You may wish to have an “Employee Stories” blog, for example, or a blog for each individual department in your organization.

A blog can be “manual” meaning that you create the posts yourself, or, it can track an existing “rss” blog that your company may have on its general website, for example. When you sync an existing blog, any new posts that are added are automatically pulled into Clinch Talent and made available there.

Creating a new blog

To create a new blog, in the left menu or top navigation, go to Web pages > Blogs

Click on the “ +” button and select “Manual” or “RSS based” as your blog type:

  • If Manual, give your blog a title (and description, if you wish) and hit SAVE.
  • If RSS based, paste in the RSS URL and hit SAVE (Note: RSS based blogs will not appear right away: the sync required to make them available on Clinch Talent happens every hour.)

To add a post to your Manual blog, click the blog title followed by the “+” button on the page that follows.

RSS based blogs will take some time to sync, but once that process is complete, the Clinch Talent blog engine will pull in all available posts and going forward, will update to show any new posts that are added, too.

To edit, preview, publish, or archive a post, click on the pencil, arrow, cloud, or the trash icon respectively.

N.B. You can add images and links to your posts, and blog posts will save automatically as you type. 

Adding video to your blog post

Users of the Clinch Talent blog engine can also add a single video to their blog posts. Video can be a very effective tool in improving candidate engagement, and the Clinch Talent platform offers full analytics and interaction capture for each video you add to your blog. 

  • Click on the pencil icon in line with the blog post title to go to the blog post editor. 
  • Here, select your video source from the "Kind" dropdown, and enter the URL in the field alongside.

  • Use the text editor beneath to add any copy you wish to appear below the video. (Note that for now, the video will automatically be positioned at the top of the page, with all copy appearing below.)
  • Click "Done" to save your changes.

Adding a blog to your careers page or template

To feature a blog post or list of posts on your careers site or job page, follow the steps to edit your page or template, then choose the relevant content block from the dropdown.

The customizable blog posts list block works a lot like the jobs list block, and you’ll  find more on that here.

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