How to set up Job Alerts in Clinch Talent

Job alerts are a great way to keep your talent network engaged. Done right, they help shape a customized experience that is tailored to meet the needs and preferences of each individual candidate.

Clinch Talent automates the process; when a job becomes available that matches the criteria set by a candidate (location and category/department), this triggers an email alert to that candidate.

For candidates browsing career sites powered by ClinchTalent, signing up for a job alert is as simple as clicking on a checkbox as part of the first step in the “Apply” process. 

The Job Alert comes in the form of an email. When a job is added that is relevant to a candidate based on their Job Alert sign up details, that candidate will receive an email with details of the job.

Getting started

Navigate to Web Campaigns > Calls to Action

Click the “ +” button in the top right corner of the “Calls to Action” screen

Name your CTA and choose 'Form' or 'Apply URL' from the "What type of Call-to-Action" would you like?" dropdown and enter the CTA details on the screen that follows. Hit SAVE.

Once you have been returned to the Calls-to-Action screen, find your recently-created CTA in the list and click into the corresponding hyperlinked number of fields. 

Click the green "+" sign to add a new form field, i.e. the job alert field, and fill out the form that follows:

  1. Make sure to select type 'Job Alert' from the 'What type of field is this?" dropdown.
  2. If your ATS supports Categories as well as Departments, Job Alerts supports any combination.
  3. N.B. "How should data for select controls be loaded?" is an advanced feature. Clinch Talent preloads all possible locations into the location dropdown to improve the Candidate user experience of the CTA. If however, there are too many locations to make this UX feasible, the CTA can be set to load the location data remotely. This means that the CTA will no longer have a pre-populated list of locations. Instead, the CTA will wait for the candidate to type the first letters of their location e.g. "Ne" and will fetch all locations containing the letters "Ne."
  4. "Show labels on individual job alert fields?" If enabled, when the CTA renders, the individual job alert drop-downs that go to make up the job alert field will now render labels:



Your CTA is now ready to be added to a page. 

Reporting and Analytics

As with all key features in Clinch Talent, analytics are available to enable you to measure the effectiveness of your job alerts. In the top or left navigation, go to Emails and set 'Email Type' to Job Alerts. Then, click on the Analytics icon in line with the relevant mail to see metrics on the following:

  • How many candidates have received, opened, and clicked on a job alert email
  • How many have then gone on to start and complete an application
  • How many have progressed to the "successful" stage in the application process
  • Of those who received a job alert email and completed an application, how many have been hired

For more on adding content to a page in Clinch Talent, please  see the associated help doc.

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