How to add a link with tracking ID to an email in Clinch Talent

You can now use emails in Clinch Talent to deliver a special link with tracking ID to any of your Clinch Talent pages. This is an essential step when using  Clinch Talent Kiosk Mode.

How to add a link with tracking ID: 

1. Go to Emails in the left menu and follow the steps required to create a new email. 

2. Once you've chosen your email theme and proceeded to the EDIT screen, you'll need to add or edit a 'Text' type content block. 

3. To add the link, highlight the text you wish to link and click on the insert/edit link icon.

3. IMPORTANT: In order for the tracking link to function as designed, it is essential that you select a page from the "Link list" dropdown. When you do, the URL field will populate automatically.

4. Edit the "Text to display" field as needed (below) and hit "OK."

5. Once you have returned to the email editor, check to make sure that the hyperlnk is active.

6. When you're happy with the email's content and design, hit NEXT and proceed through the remaining Email setup steps. 

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