How to edit job location in Clinch Talent

Where an ATS integration is in place, job location should be both detailed and accurate. However, if the geocoding process gets it a little wrong, or, you wish to add more specific information, you can improve/edit your job location details in Clinch Talent by following the steps below. 

N.B. A new location should not be added manually unless you are adding a manual job. 

1. Go to Settings in the left menu and select Locations.

2. To edit existing location details for a job/jobs, click on the pencil icon in line with that location.

3. Make your changes on the screen that follows and note that any changes made to that location will impact all jobs using it.

From now on, so long as the ATS location hasn't changed, the system will use the "improved" location for the relevant jobs. If the ATS location does change in any way, the process will start again, perform a lookup, and potentially generate the same incorrect details as first time around.

N.B. The default setting is for the job slug (URL) to remain static once a job is created. If your job location changes and you wish the slug to reflect that update, please contact 

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