This guide will walk you through the process of integrating your Kenexa account with Clinch Talent.

How it works

Integrating Kenexa with Clinch Talent is easy. 

You can start by navigating to the integrations page (Settings > Integrations, as below) and clicking on the green "+" icon to add the new integration. 

Click on the Kenexa logo.

Once you arrive at the form as seen below, please contact Clinch Professional Sservices at As the information entered at this stage varies per customer, our team will work in conjunction with you and your Kenexa account manager to complete this form. 

That's it! Your Kenexa integration is now complete.

N.B. With your Kenexa ATS integration in place, your jobs will now be live and searchable on your Clinch Talent careers site. Utilizing our templating feature, a branded job page will be automatically generated for each individual job. These pages will automatically update to reflect any changes made to the job description content in the ATS. 

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