How to measure the effectiveness of your email campaign in Clinch Talent

Once a candidate opts in and demonstrates their interest in hearing more from you in the future, it’s important to develop that relationship. This is called “candidate nurture,” and in Clinch Talent, you can measure the effectiveness of your nurture efforts by looking at comprehensive analytics for your various email campaigns.

Getting started

In the top or left menu, go to Emails.

1. Choose your Email Type from the dropdown.

2. The table below will update to show your sent mails. To the right, you will see percentage rates for Delivered, Opens and Clicks.

3. Click the analysis icon for a more detailed look at your email’s performance. 

On the screen that follows, you have the option to filter your results by date range. If you do, you will see the ‘Candidate Funnel’ update to reflect the following for that date range: 

  • number of candidates to whom the email was delivered and of that, the number who opened the email
  • number of candidates who clicked a link in the email
  • number who received the email and later started an application
  • the number who completed an application, and the number who went on to become “successful”**

This page also offers insights into number of opens over time, mobile versus desktop usage, candidates’ operating systems, and click counts for each link in the email. 

Workflow effectiveness

If your emails are part of a Workflow, you can see the overall effectiveness of that workflow, by going to Reports in the top/left menu, clicking on the Workflow tab, and on the hyperlink for the specific workflow you're interested in. For more on automated workflow in Clinch Talent and measuring its effectiveness, please click here.

**What you consider as successful depends on your own unique company workflow and practices. Contact if you require any advice or clarifications.

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