How to build a talent network in Clinch Talent

A talent network is a group of candidates who have demonstrated an interest in your employer brand and opted-in to further communication. Its primary function is to serve as a starting point for sourcers with a view to progressing those candidates who are qualified and already engaged with the brand through the recruiting funnel.

Easy implementation

The talent network concept can be implemented in various ways. At Clinch, our preference is the following, two-step, low-friction method:

  1. As part of our onboarding process, Clinch sets up all new customers with a dedicated Talent Network page as part of their career site. Clinch also includes at least two email capture calls-to-action on all additional career site pages, providing ample opportunity for interested candidates to engage and opt-in.
  2. Once the conversion takes place, i.e. the candidate completes the call-to-action, they are forwarded to a ‘Talent Network Thank You’ page.

This is talent network roll-out at its most basic. Should you wish to make more of this candidate engagement, at this point, you might consider requesting further information from the individual. Not only does this allow you as a recruiter to get a better sense of who is showing interest in your organization, these additional candidate details enable more effective automated segmentation in the Clinch CRM.

For example, if your company is hiring for roles in multiple locations, you might ask your candidates to select their preferred location as part of the Talent Network sign-up process. Using Clinch, a workflow can then be put in place to automatically filter all those candidates who select, ‘London,’ into one list in the CRM, and all those who select, ‘San Francisco,’ into another list.

Asking candidates to submit their CV/resume if they would like to be considered for a role now or further down the line is another possibility.

Automated nurture

Once a candidate has opted in and been added to the database with a unique candidate profile generated, it’s good practice to kickstart the nurturing process by following up on their recent action with a personalized email.

Clinch’s automated Workflow feature can be leveraged here to save you, the recruiter, time.

When the candidate completes the Talent Network call-to-action, this will act as a trigger, releasing an email to the candidate. This email should acknowledge their recent opt-in and perhaps include some insight as to the type of email content the candidate can expect to receive in the future.  

It’s worth noting that every email is automatically personalized to each individual candidate and can be rich-media friendly, branded to meet with your company’s guidelines, or plain text, thanks to the flexibility offered by Clinch’s comprehensive email feature. As part of the Workflow function, these emails can be delivered at intervals determined by the employer, with the opportunity to ‘delay’ the action that follows the initial talent network opt-in by a number of days, hours, or minutes.

Measuring Effectiveness

Clinch Workflows run continuously, or until you push “pause” and the effectiveness of each is fully trackable in the platform’s Reports section. Similarly, you can also view a conversion funnel for your talent network call-to-action, i.e. how many people total have completed your CTA and gone on to start a job application, and, depending on your ATS, how many have gone on to complete an application, be categorised as “successful,” and ultimately, been hired.

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