How to add a job-count block in Clinch Talent

If you have many jobs, you may wish to simplify the search process for candidates by grouping jobs based on their common location or department. Once you have a dedicated landing page for each city or department that lists the relevant jobs, it’s good practice to showcase how many jobs are available in each by means of including job-count blocks on your careers site homepage.

Using Clinch Talent, job-counts can be captured in:

Simple text blocks

Image blocks with a text overlay

To add job-count to a text block in Clinch:

1. In the left or top menu, select Web Pages. Using the search bar, locate the page to which you wish to add the job-count block. Once clicked, this page will open in the Clinch Talent page editor.

2. Job-counts will appear on your page by means of a content block. A content block lives inside a column within a row. To add a new row, click on the centred, green "+" button and select your preferred row layout depending on how many job-count blocks / columns you wish to display.

3. Then, click on the "+" in the top left corner of the row to add a new block, and select "Text" from the dropdown. 

4. Once you've added the text block, hover over it and click the edit icon (pencil) that appears in the top left corner of the block. 

5. Edit the text you would like to see above the job count, i.e. to display the department or location, and select 'Job Counter' from the Tags dropdown.

6. When the Job Counter query prompt appears, enter your location or department criteria, e.g. " city = Boston " or " department = Marketing " (N.B. For more information on constructing criteria in Clinch Talent, please click here)

7. When you hit OK, you will be returned to the text editor. Consider adding something like 'position(s)' 'open job(s)' alongside the job counter tag for context, and hit Save.

8. You will be returned to the page editor where you will see your new block, complete with job count.

To add a job count to an image block with text overlay:

Repeat steps 1 through 4, replacing the "Text" block in step 3. with an "Image" block.

  • Then, click the 'Choose Image' button to select the relevant image from your gallery (A.)
  • Use the 'Dark Overlay' function to decrease the brightness of your image so that the job count text stands out (B.)
  • Using the text editor (C.), repeat steps 5 through 7.

You will be returned to the page editor where you will see your new block, complete with job count.

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