Google for Jobs

Clinch Talent has a built-in integration with “Google for Jobs” — one of Google’s latest job finding products – built right into normal Google Search in selected countries.


Before you can activate Google for Jobs, you must meet the following prerequisites:

1. Allow search engines and robots index your pages.

2. Your site is added to Google Search Console and is a verified property (see  Verify your site ownership for more information).

3. The following email has Owner permissions to the site within Google Search Console:


When the prerequisites have been met, you can simply tick "Enable Google for Jobs" within your company settings, and Clinch Talent will start directly feeding your jobs to Google. Note: This happens within your ATS Integration sync interval. 

Even without Google for Jobs enabled, the Clinch Talent platform will present the best job content, formatted in an optimized way, if GoogleBot indexes your career site – complete with an appropriate sitemap, so that search engines can find all your public content and jobs. 

The integration discussed here is just an enhancement that quickly lets GoogleBot know about your jobs more directly.

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