How to create a list of candidates based on completed calls-to-action

Whether in the days following a recruitment event, or once a content campaign has been running for some time, you will likely want to create a list of all those candidates who entered their details / filled out the form on a particular web page.

There are two ways in which to generate this list in Clinch Talent:

By Call-to-Action (where the CTA in question only features on one specific page)

1. In the top navigation, go to Candidates.

2. Scroll across to find the Calls-to-Action column. Here, click the Options icon to view the various calls-to-action by which to filter.

3. Check the box next to the relevant CTA.

4. The list screen will update automatically to include those candidates who have performed that CTA.

5. To create a smart list of those candidates, i.e. a list that will continue to update, automatically pulling in any and all future candidates who complete the CTA, click the List Management button and Create New List.

6. When the pop-up appears, give your list a name and choose ‘Static’ or ‘Smart’ from the dropdown, noting that ‘Smart’ will show by default.

What’s the difference? A static list is built there and then, comprised of all those who meet the criteria set at that particular moment only. A smart list, however, will continue to update, automatically pulling in any and all future candidates who complete the CTA.

N.B. If you choose ‘Smart List,’ before you click Create, you will be reminded of the fields you’ve chosen to create the list around.

By page on which call-to-action was performed

In the top navigation, go to Candidates.

Click on Columns tab at the far right of the grid.

Scroll down. Under ‘Interaction,’ check the box alongside ‘Pages performed CTA.‘ You can also use this opportunity to remove the check boxes next to any fields you don’t wish to include in your grid view.

Click the ‘Columns’ tab to minimise this panel.

When you return to the full grid screen, you will see that a 'Pages performed CTA' column is now included.

Click on the options icon below to display the check box list of all pages.Uncheck all and re-check only the relevant page(s), i.e. those by which you want to filter candidates. In the example below, you can see that currently, the grid is showing only those candidates who have filled out the CTAs on the page titled 'Careers v1.0 > Fields of Work' OR 'Careers v1.0 > Home'

Repeat steps 5. and 6. as above to generate and save your list.

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