How to add another filter and update an existing smart list in Clinch Talent

A scenario may arise in which you need to edit or update an existing smart list. For example, initially, you created a smart list of all those candidates who registered interest in working for your company and specified an interest in learning more about Sales opportunities.

That list was called 'Registered Interest: Sales' and its candidate grid screen looks like this:

You can see that both the Calls-to-Action and Forms fields have been populated with the criteria required to filter the results accordingly.

Now, with a view to reaching out to many more candidates through an email campaign, you wish to build out this list by adding in those who specified an interest in 'Marketing, too.' 

Here's how to do it:

Because 'Marketing' is another option in the same form, it is treated as a 'list item.' 

Click on the options icon alongside the Form title field and choose 'Occurs in a list' from the dropdown, as opposed to 'Equals.'

In the empty field below, type 'sales, marketing' (or whatever the items are that you wish to filter by.) Once they have been entered correctly, the grid view will update to reflect the additional filtering criteria.

Next, click 'List Management,' and select 'Update this List' from the dropdown.

When the onscreen prompt appears, give your updated list a new name if you wish and check to ensure that both filters are listed and correct below the command, 'Update this list to have filters on the following fields . . . '

When you're happy that the information is correct, hit 'Update,' and remember that once you do so, you will replace your original list with this latest iteration. 

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