Preparing for your event: how to segment out ‘Yes’ RSVPs from an existing smart list

Use case: In the run up to a recruitment event, you had created a smart list that continuously pulled in those candidates who registered interest in attending. Now, you wish to create an additional smart list of those who registered interest and later RSVP’d ‘Yes’ to confirm.

In the top or left navigation, go to ‘Lists’

Scroll to find and click into the list you wish to update

When you arrive on the grid screen, this will show all those candidates who meet the criteria you set when creating the original list. The relevant filters will be populated.

In the example below, you’ll see that this list was built to include all those candidates who completed the call-to-action, ‘Register Interest.’

We want to keep this list, and create an additional list of those candidates who completed the Register Interest CTA AND RSVP'd 'Yes.'

The RSVP options appear as checkboxes below a custom field in a form-type CTA, seen below:

To make this field available as a filter on the grid, click on the Columns tab to the far right, find the custom field name under 'Forms' and check the corresponding box. 

Return to the grid screen and click the options icon below the recently added field. Select 'Equals' and in the field below, type in the response by which you wish to filter, in this case, 'Yes.'

The grid view will update to include all those candidates who meet both sets of criteria specified, i.e. those from the original list who completed the initial 'Register Interest' CTA, AND now, also, those who confirmed their intention to attend the event by selecting the 'Yes' checkbox in the follow-up CTA.

To save this as an additional, new list, click 'List Management' and select 'Create New List' from the dropdown.

When you receive the on-screen prompt, give your list a name and ensure that both filters are listed and correct below the reminder, 'Click Create to make a new list with filters . . . '

Then, hit CREATE.

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