Targeted engagement: segment and message candidates based on job department / category interest

The key to successful recruitment marketing is getting the right message in front of the right candidate at the right time.

Clinch makes it easy through a variety of features.

The first step in messaging candidates is to identify and segment the particular audience you want to engage. In this particular use case, we want to segment out all those candidates who have demonstrated an interest in Engineering roles.

The candidate grid and lists feature in Clinch Talent is ideal for this.

Getting started

In the top navigation or left menu, click ‘Candidates.’

This will take you to the candidate grid screen.

If the ‘Job Departments’ / ‘Job Categories’ filter is not visible on the grid, you will need to add it. To do so, click on the Columns tab, and below ‘Interaction,’ check the appropriate boxes.

Those selected will now appear as filters under ‘Interaction’ on the grid.

Click the options icon below the newly-added filter field name. By default, all items will be checked. Click ‘Select All’ to uncheck all items, then click to select those relevant to your query.

In the example below, you’ll see that the grid has updated to include only those candidates who meet the criteria set by the selected filter, ‘Job Departments Viewed: Engineering.’

To save this list, click on ‘List Management’ and select ‘Create New List’ from the dropdown.

Give your list a name and choose whether the list is Smart or Static. 

(N.B. In Clinch Talent, you can choose to create a  Smart list or a Static list.

Smart list: A dynamic (continuously-updating) list to which candidates are added automatically when their behaviours or attributes match those criteria set out in the smart list query. 

Static list: A controlled list to which candidates can be added or removed from manually. A static list comprises a selection of candidates whose behaviour matches certain criteria at a single, specific point in time. Candidates can also be added to a static list via workflow step.

The main difference between a static list and a smart list is that a static list will not continue to update with new contacts that meet the criteria set.)

Ensure that the list is filtered using the correct fields and click CREATE.

When you navigate to the 'Lists' screen via the top or left menu, you'll see that 'Department Viewed: Engineering' has now been added.

Next steps

With a list of candidates to target, the next step is to create the mail you'll send to them.

Follow the steps outlined in the article below to complete this action:

How to create and send an email in Clinch Talent

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