How to configure which jobs are eligible for one or more distribution channels

Clinch Talent gives users the ability to automate job distribution across multiple jobs boards, including Indeed, SimplyHired, Glassdoor, and others. While it is the go-to option for most clients to turn on all boards for all jobs, sometimes, their needs may be a little more nuanced. 

For example, perhaps you'd like to share only Engineering jobs with one particular board, and all non-engineering jobs with the other jobs boards. With Clinch Talent, this filtered distribution is possible. 

Here's how:

In the left menu, go to Settings > Channels

  • Job distribution for a given channel is ON when the slider to the right of the panel is green (1.) 
  • The number in the '# Jobs Live' panel should accurately reflect the number of jobs in the system that are being pushed out to each specific channel (2.)
  • Click on the pencil / edit icon that corresponds with the particular channel for which you wish to filter jobs (3.)

On the screen that follows, enter the criteria by which you wish the system to filter jobs for that particular channel.

For example, in this use case, we want to push ONLY engineering jobs to the generic feed, so the criteria to enter would be as follows:

(For more on constructing criteria in Clinch Talent, click here.)

Hit SAVE. On returning to the Channels screen, you will see that with the criteria in place, the number of jobs pushing to the edited channel has now been updated. In this example, it reduces from 25 to 8, i.e. the 8 jobs that fall under the "engineering" department. 

Filtering by ATS 

If yours in an account with more than one ATS integration, the situation may arise where you wish to push jobs from one integration to some channels but not all. Clinch Talent can also accommodate this request. For more, please contact

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