How to create and export a date-filtered report on page, job, blog, video, traffic, and email performance

At any given time, you may wish to view, analyze, and report back on the performance / effectiveness of individual content components that together, make up your recruitment marketing campaign.

In this context, the true measure of content effectiveness is in how candidates who viewed a specific page, job, video, or blog, then went on to start an application. Similarly, you may want to establish how many candidates who received and opened an email then went on to start an application.

In Clinch Talent, it is possible in most cases * to view stats for each stage of the candidate journey at an individual content component level.

For example, image 1. (below) shows the number of candidates who viewed individual landing pages on a career site, then went on to start and complete an application, were marked as ‘Successful,’ and subsequently hired. 

The same information is also available for your jobs, videos, and blogs. 'Emails' data appears slightly differently, to reflect the different means of candidate interaction:

To locate these tables, go to Reports in the top or left menu. 

Then, choose your reporting subject from the tabs along the top, i.e. PAGES , JOBS, BLOGS, etc.:

When the relevant screen loads, if required, filter your data by date range:

Once the screen updates, scroll down to the 'Breakdown' table as shown in image 1., above.

To export all of the data available in these tables as a .csv file, simply click on the download icon in the top right corner. 

*Clinch Talent's ability to display data on how many candidates have completed and application, been marked as "successful," and how many have gone on to be hired is dependent on the user's ATS making that information available to our platform. 

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