How to determine and measure the effectiveness of traffic sources in Clinch Talent

Calculating the ROI for recruitment marketing is an important function for any talent acquisition team. Clinch Talent gives you the tools to do just that.

The platform’s robust analytics feature delivers data on which channels are delivering the most candidates to your recruiting content, how many of those candidates are starting applications, and, providing the ATS integration allows for the data to be passed through to Clinch, how many candidates coming from each channel have gone on to be marked as “successful” and subsequently hired. 

This data is delivered in the 'Top Sources' table.

To determine which channels are delivering traffic to your career site and see how much of that traffic is converting into quality applications in your ATS, please follow the steps below.

How to view data for all traffic from social

In the top navigation or left menu, go to Reports, then click on the Traffic tab.

1. Enter a date range (if you wish) to filter your results accordingly.

2. If you would prefer to view results for candidates in a particular region only, fill out the Candidate Location field to filter your results accordingly.

Filtering your 'Top Sources' table data

Below the the 'Top Sources' table header, you will see a 'Traffic Filters' dropdown. When applied, this filter will reload the Top Sources table only, leaving the remainder of the data on the Traffic screen to reflect the higher-level selections made in steps 1. and 2. 

By default, the Traffic Strategy dropdown will be set to whatever Preferred Traffic Strategy has been assigned in your Company Settings, i.e. First visit, Any visit, or --Source Strategy-- (empty state).

  • First visit looks at the source of the candidate’s first visit only.
  • Any visit looks at the source of the candidate’s first visit AND all subsequent visits. Note that here, individual candidates will be counted multiple times if they make multiple visits to your career site from multiple channels within the specified date range.
  • --Source Strategy-- is an empty value that pulls in data on all traffic sources.

Make your Traffic Strategy selection from the dropdown. Then, choose which Traffic Filter to apply; All Sources, Jobs Boards, Search Engines, or Social Networks.

The table will now update to reflect your filtering choices.

N.B. A 'Top Sources' table is also available for Pages (located on the Pages screen itself; Reports > PAGES), Jobs (Reports > JOBS, scroll to 'Top Jobs' table, View All, and click into any job to view) and Blogs (Reports > BLOGS, scroll to 'Top 5 Posts' table, View All, and click into any post to view).

If you note a difference in counts 

Be cognisant of your Traffic filters and how they will impact results tables. For example, if you have specified a particular date range and are filtering by 'First visit,' your results on the TRAFFIC screen will exclude any candidate whose first visit occurred outside of that date range – even if they have visited the site since, submitted an application, and/or been hired. 

Those candidates will, however, be counted in the CANDIDATES reports screen overview for the same date range, as this screen does not apply a 'First visit' filter, resulting in a higher number of 'Hired' candidates shown for the same date range. 

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