Getting started: enhance and automate candidate outreach using 'Emails' in Clinch Talent

Building relationships with candidates and nurturing those relationships is an integral part of the recruitment marketing process. Not only does a positive recruiter/candidate relationship lead to short term benefits, including more, better qualified applicants in your ATS, it benefits your company in the long-run, too, by strengthening the employer brand. This, in turn, improves your ability to attract candidates for your open roles, reduces turnover, and impacts positively on the company bottom line.

And the key to fostering a positive recruiter/candidate relationship? Communication.

Clinch Talent makes it easy for you to reach out and engage candidates through email - on a one-to-one basis, or, in bulk.

With so much candidate information available to you already, and the ability to quickly and easily capture more, you can deliver highly targeted, personalised messages to as few or as many candidates as you wish at any given time.

How to create and send a short, plain text note to an individual candidate:

  • Click on CANDIDATES in the top or left menu bar.
  • Quick search for your candidate by name or email using the search bar.
  • Click on the candidate’s name; a popup or ‘candidate modal’ should appear.
  • Click on the ‘EMAIL’ tab, then compose and send your email.

If the candidate replies, you will receive an email notification to your company email account.

How to create and send an email campaign to many candidates at once:

In order to contact multiple candidates simultaneously, you must first group those candidates into a list. Click here for a step-by-step guide on creating lists in Clinch Talent.

Once you have built your list, click on the ‘Emails’ item in the top or left menu bar and select ‘Email Campaign’ from the ‘Email Type’ dropdown.

Select a theme (or template) for your email. As its name suggests, the ‘Plain’ theme is a simple, plain text template that works well for messages that are intended to be viewed as having been created for each, individual candidate; for example, a personalised invitation to apply for a specific job or to attend an upcoming event:

A company-branded theme includes rich media (logo, image, etc.) and works better for messages relating to more general announcements or notifications, for example:

Once you have selected your theme / template, you may edit the body of the email by hovering over the individual text and/or image blocks and clicking on the edit icon (pencil) as seen below:

When you are happy with the contents of the email, click the 'NEXT' button in the top right corner.

Fill out the fields on the SETTINGS screen, assigning an email name, subject line, and sender, and proceed. The pre-header field is optional but can be useful as a means of providing candidates with a summary of what's inside the email. 

Hit 'NEXT' to proceed to the 'RECIPIENTS' screen. Here, choose the list of candidates to whom you wish to send the email and hit 'NEXT.'

At the PREVIEW stage, you will have the opportunity to review your email and make any edits to the information you entered in SETTINGS. To make any edits to the body of the email itself, click on the EDIT tab to return to the email editor. 

It's good practice here to send out a test email. Click the SEND TEST EMAIL button and choose a recipient from the dropdown. 

When you're happy that the email is rendering as it should be, hit NEXT and proceed to the SEND screen. Please note that this step is available to 'Email Campaigns' only; for all other emails, the PREVIEW screen is the final stage. 

Your email will save automatically.

How to check the performance of your email campaign:

To view data for your email campaign including percentage delivered, opened, and clicked, please follow the steps outlined in this dedicated support document. 

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