How to activate email pass-thru in Clinch Talent

Email pass-thru allows candidate responses to emails sent from Clinch to go directly into your email account. 

Email pass-thru also allows users to respond to candidates from their own email client, i.e. your work ( inbox. The full over-and-back exchange between the Clinch platform user and the candidate will be recorded against that candidate in the CRM, visible in the candidate profile, and in the candidate modal (pop-up generated by clicking on a candidate name in the grid). 

The conversation will also be visible in our shared inbox feature - coming soon! 

For any new Clinch customers, email pass-thru will be turned on by default. For existing customers, you will need to activate the feature yourself, or, email and request that it be turned on for you.

To activate (or deactivate) email pass-thru, please follow the steps below:

  • Click to open the left menu, and go to Settings > Company
  • Scroll to find, then click on 'Email Pass-Thru' in the left menu

  • Check the box labelled 'Allow Email Pass-Thru'
  • Hit SAVE at the bottom of the page

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