Activating auto-nurture based on job application completion date

Auto-nurture based on application completion date looks at when a candidate completed an application for any job. If that event took place within the previous number of days specified in the custom workflow step, when that auto-nurture workflow is triggered by the candidate starting a subsequent job application, this condition ensures that the candidate does not receive a “nudge” email.  

This becomes important in the context of a company hiring for multiple roles with similar if not identical titles. Regardless of whether the candidate responds to more than one job ad, or the recruiter moves an applicant for one role into the pipeline for another, 'auto-nurture based on job application date' keeps things clean by working on the basis that one completed and acknowledged application per candidate within a period of 'X' days is a sufficient.

Getting started

Follow the steps below to build and activate your auto-nurture workflow based on job application completion date

1. In the left menu, go to Workflows. Click on the green "+" button to create a new workflow.

2. Name your workflow. In the case of auto-nurture, it's helpful, for tracking purposes, to give your workflow a name that clearly illustrates its function, e.g. Auto-nurture: customer care jobs 

3. From the trigger dropdown, select 'Call-to-Action' and choose the CTA, 'Apply URL.'

4. Associating your workflow with a specific web campaign is optional. N.B. Where the CTA is used in multiple places and you choose to associate the workflow with a web campaign, the workflow will only run when the CTA is performed within that web campaign. 

5. If you would like to run the auto-nurture workflow for a specific subset of jobs only, you can do so by entering the relevant Jobs Criteria. The example above shows how to create an auto-nurture workflow for 'Customer Care' jobs only. You will find a guide to structuring jobs criteria here

6. "Restrict this workflow to live jobs?" Checking this box ensures that any workflow that has an associated job will be cancelled if that job is archived (or put into 'Draft' mode if manually added) following workflow activation. Using the example above, if a workflow is activated for a Customer Care job that is subsequently archived, the auto-nurture workflow will be cancelled. This prevents candidates from receiving a nudge email encouraging them to revisit and complete an application for a job that is no longer live.

7. In response to "When would you like to run this workflow?", you can choose from:

  • Always
  • If the candidate matches search criteria

If your Workflow is conditional — that is, triggered only by those candidates who complete the call-to-action AND who meet certain criteria — you will be asked to set the criteria in the builder that appears below.

For more information on using the query builder, please see our article on using Advanced Search in Clinch.


You will now start to build out your workflow by adding steps. Click the "+" button to add your first step.

6. Select "Delay" from the dropdown and choose the period of time you wish the system to wait for before sending the first "nudge" email encouraging candidates who have yet to complete their application to do so. We suggest a minimum delay of one day.

7. After hitting Save, you will be returned to the Workflow screen where you will see your first step, the delay, in place. Click the "+" button below this step to add the "If/else branch" that will allow you to automate different actions depending on whether the condition you specify evaluates to true or false. 

8. Choose "If/else branch" from the dropdown and set the Workflow step condition to "Job application completion date." Choose the number of days previous within which the candidate should have completed their application, and hit Save to return to the Workflow screen.

9. The green or right-side branch specifies what should happen when the condition is true, i.e. the candidate HAS completed a job application within the last 5 days. In this instance, and remembering the purpose of this workflow, nothing should happen, so we take no action and leave the branch empty.

10. The red or left-side branch specifies what should happen when the condition is false, i.e. the candidate HAS NOT completed a job application within the last 5 days. In this instance, we wish to trigger the reminder mail to the candidate to complete their previously unfinished application. Click on the "+" sign on the red/left branch to add the step.

11. In this workflow step, you will specify that a particular email is sent to the candidate from a specific team member. In this instance, the email should remind the candidate that they have not completed their application and encourage them to do so. 

For more information on creating emails in Clinch Talent,  click here

Hit save to return to the Workflow screen. Your Workflow should look like this:

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