How to leverage SMS text messaging functionality in Clinch Talent

99.9% of texts will be read. It comes as little surprise, then, that SMS text messaging is gaining traction amongst recruiters with their fingers on the pulse. 

SMS is fast becoming the go-to means of connecting with candidates in a busy, talent-driven world, and Clinch is proud to facilitate these connections within its CRM. 

Getting started

SMS can be leveraged in multiple areas on the Clinch Talent platform:

Candidate modal (1.) and candidate profile (2.): Create and send 1:1 messages, and view two-way communication histories between recruiters and candidates.


3. Workflow: Enable automated messaging when SMS is added as a workflow step.

4. Shared Inbox: Track and manage your company's SMS conversations with all candidates in one, centralised location. Filter by date and view all conversations ('SHARED') or yours alone ('MINE.') Create and send reply texts from the Clinch Talent web platform. 

Configuration and billing details can be viewed in Company (left menu) > Settings > SMS.

To leverage SMS in Clinch Talent if it is not already enabled in your account, please contact

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