How to create and send a Saved Reply in Clinch Talent

In Clinch Talent, a Saved Reply is a message template (email or SMS) that can be dropped into the ‘Compose’ box when replying to a candidate. Saved Replies are ideal for use in situations where the candidate’s query requires a standard and/or common response.

To create a new Saved Reply in your Clinch Talent account, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the left menu and go to Settings > Company.
  2. On the company settings screen, find and click on ‘Saved Replies’ in the right menu.

3. Click the green “+” button to create a new Saved Reply.

4. Give your Saved Reply a name, and select its ‘Kind’ (email or SMS) from the dropdown. Then, add the text for your Saved Reply in the content editor below, and hit SAVE.

5. To create a selection of Saved Replies for use with different candidate queries as they come in, simply repeat steps 3. – 5.

How to Use a Saved Reply in Clinch Talent 

A Saved Reply can be dropped into the 'Compose' box / email editor anywhere there is the facility to respond to a candidate directly, i.e. Shared Inbox, Candidate Profile, or Candidate Modal (below.)

For the majority of users, the Shared Inbox will be where Saved Replies become most useful. With both features at your disposal, users can send templated responses quickly and easily to candidate queries sent directly to them or to any other Clinch user in their company.

In the left menu, click on INBOX.

On the left, filter your results to display candidate responses to any message sent in Clinch (SHARED) or responses to mails sent by you only (MINE.) Then, click on the message to which you wish to reply.

Click the blue arrow (Reply icon) on the candidate's message. 

When the 'Compose Email' popup appears, select the relevant Saved Reply from the dropdown in the top right corner; the template text should appear in the editor below. 

Check to ensure that the message is correct and the reply relevant to the candidate's original query.


On returning to the Shared Inbox screen, your reply should now appear as part of the thread – below the candidate's query.

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