How to create and send a Clinch Talent SMS text message in bulk

SMS is fast becoming the go-to means of connecting with candidates in a busy, talent-driven world, and Clinch is proud to facilitate these connections within its CRM. 

SMS can be leveraged in multiple areas on the Clinch Talent platform. For more on creating and sending 1:1 messages and/or using workflow to automate SMS text messaging, please click here

Bulk SMS Text Messaging: Getting Started

In Clinch Talent, you can create and send an SMS text message to many candidates at once, just as you would an email campaign. Deliver updates on job opportunities, career fairs, hiring events, and more. You can message all candidates in a list or all candidates in a particular stage on your sourcing board.

To get started, open the left menu and click on ' Chat Messages.'

On the screen that follows, make your selection from the 'Usage,' ensure the 'Chat type' is set to SMS, and click the green '+' button to create a new template.

N.B. As with emails in Clinch Talent, a 'Campaign' type SMS is designed for a one-time, manual send to a specific candidate list. A 'Workflow' type SMS leverages the platform's automation capabilities, sending automatically when a candidate activates the workflow trigger by a) their ATS status changing, b) they complete a particular call-to-action, or c) they fulfil a Clinch Talent chatbot intent.

On the New Chat Message Template screen:

  1. Give your template a name and select 'Campaign' or 'Workflow' from the dropdown titled, 'What will this chat be used for?' 
  2. Ensure that 'Chat type' is 'SMS.'
  3. In the 'From' field, choose a sender to whom the message will be attributed. If that user's account has been set up with its own dedicated phone number, this number will appear in the candidate's inbox / from field. If no individual phone number has been assigned, the company's number will be used instead. Regardless of which sender is selected, any candidate responses will be visible to all team members with a Clinch Talent account in the platform's Shared Inbox. 
  4. Compose your message in the 'Message content' field, inserting personalization tokens such as 'Candidate First Name' and 'Sender Name' using the dropdown pictured below.
  5. Hit SAVE.

If your SMS message is being used for a Campaign as opposed to Workflow, on the next screen, you will be prompted to choose a list of candidates to which the SMS will be sent. Make your selection and hit NEXT to proceed to a preview of your message:

To edit your message, click the 'EDIT' tab and save any changes you make.

Once you are happy with the SMS as it appears in 'PREVIEW,' hit 'SEND.' 

N.B. If you created an SMS of type, 'Workflow,' once you have finished composing the message in the EDIT stage and hit NEXT, you will be taken straight to the PREVIEW screen and there will be no SEND option available. This is because a Workflow SMS is sent automatically (when a candidate completes a specific call-to-action, for example, or is assigned a specific status in the ATS), i.e. it is behaviour-based, rather than list-based. 

For our step-by-step guide to sending an automated SMS text message in Clinch Talent, please click here.

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