How to trigger an automated Workflow using the Clinch Talent Chatbot

In Clinch Talent, a Workflow is a series of automated actions triggered when a candidate; a) completes a call-to-action, b) receives an ATS status update or, as this document will demonstrate, c) when a candidate fulfils a specific “Chatbot intent.”

Depending on how the workflow has been configured, when a candidate is responsible for or subject to any of the above, the Clinch Talent platform will activate to perform one or more actions which include; a) delivering an automated email to either the candidate or a team member, and b) delivering an SMS text message.

This article lays out how to set up the Clinch Talent Chatbot and Workflow feature so that growing your talent network, as well as tracking and communicating with candidates who join, is a fully automated process.

Getting Started

Ensure that your talent network chatbot intent has been correctly set up and enabled, as below. (For a step-by-step guide, please click here.)

1. In the left menu, click on 'Workflows,' and hit the green "+" button to create a new Workflow. 

  • Name your Workflow and in the 'What should trigger this Workflow?' dropdown, choose Chatbot intent fulfilment. 
  • Then, select your Chatbot Intent, in this instance, 'Join Talent Network.'

After you hit SAVE, you will be redirected to your Workflow screen. 

2. Click the "+" icon to add your first Workflow step.

3. Choose your workflow step kind from the dropdown.
N.B. In the example below, we've added in a 'Delay' step of one hour following Workflow activation to allow for some time to pass before the candidate receives their email acknowledgement.

Hit SAVE to return to your Workflow screen.

4. Next, you will add another step. Repeat no. 2, above, this time, choosing 'Email' from the 'What kind of workflow step would you like?' dropdown to have the system send an automated email to all candidates who fulfil the chatbot intent. 

  • Choose the recipient and sender details from the drop-downs and select the appropriate email template, as in the example below.

Hit SAVE to return to your Workflow screen. Your view should now be similar to this:

If you wish to add further steps, for example, sending a notification email to a team member to alert them when a candidate fulfils the talent network chatbot intent, you can do so by repeating step 3. and, in that instance, selecting 'A Team Member' as the recipient.

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