Enabling the Greenhouse-Clinch Integration

This guide will walk you through the process of integrating your Greenhouse account with Clinch Talent.

1. Reading Jobs from Greenhouse into Clinch

In order to import jobs from Greenhouse the jobs must be accessible from a public jobs board.

In Greenhouse, you are able to make a job live without it being pushed to any other 3rd party source (i.e. only someone with that link will see the job).  To make a job Live,  click on the Job then select "Job Setup > Job Post > Get Started".  Once you complete the Job Post, click on the and job then click "Job Setup > Job Post > Switch the Job from Off to Live" (screenshot below). 

Step 1: 
In order to ensure that the job is not published anywhere externally ensure the options for pushing the job to Indeed, Glassdoor, Simply Hired etc. are not checked.
Step 2 

Generating a "Partner" API Key

Integrating Greenhouse with Clinch Talent is easy. You can start by navigating to the integrations page (Settings > ATS Integration) and clicking on the Greenhouse logo.

In Greenhouse, navigate to the  API integrations page and click the 'Create New API Key' button. Fill out the description field (e.g. 'Clinch'), select 'Partner' as a type and select 'Clinch' as the client application. Copy the API key and head back to Clinch Talent.

In your Clinch account, paste the API key into the Partner API Key field. You can find your company code by looking at the  Greenhouse Job Board documentation. By inspecting the urls that begin with boards.greenhouse.io at the top of page, you can find the code. The url is of the form https://boards.greenhouse.io/<company_code>. So if your url is https://boards.greenhouse.io/acmelimited then your company code is acmelimited.

In your Clinch Talent account, click 'save' on the ATS Integration Settings page, and you will be brought to the job import history page. Click the 'Sync' button to import your jobs from Greenhouse.

2. Reading Candidate Statuses from Greenhouse into Clinch

Generating a "Harvest" API Key 

1) Go to https://app.greenhouse.io/configure/dev_center/credentials
2)  Click "Create new API key". Description is "Clinch Harvest", Type is "Harvest"
3) You'll be asked to give us permissions to certain parts of your account. We currently require permissions to 7 areas:

GET: Retrieve Candidate
GET: List Candidates
PATCH: Edit Candidate

Custom Fields:
GET: Get custom fields

GET: Retrieve Office
GET: List Offices

GET: List Users

4) Once this has been created, you can either:
a) Log into Clinch, and go to Settings > ATS Integrations > Click Edit on "Greenhouse". Paste the API Key into the box that says "Harvest API Key" 


b) Email it to us and we'll connect it to your Clinch account. N.B. Option a) is a more secure option.

Once these steps have been complete, changes in your candidate status in Greenhouse will be reflected in Clinch Talent.

3. Writing a candidate's interaction score to Greenhouse, from Clinch.

In Clinch, the candidate interaction score feature gives your recruiters insight into a candidate‚Äôs interaction with your company. This next step allows your recruiters to access that information from within Greenhouse, also, making it easier than ever to determine which applicants are most engaged with your employer brand. 

a) Visit https://app.greenhouse.io/custom_fields/candidates
b) Click "Add Field"
c) Fill out the fields as follows:
- Field: Interaction Score
- Description: Clinch Interaction Score
- Type: Number
Click "Save"

When set up, Clinch will push interaction scores on a regular basis to Greenhouse.

Note: our interaction scores have recently been upgraded to take into account blog views, job views & video views. They will also degrade over time if the candidate has no recent interaction.

4. Maintaining attribution: adding Greenhouse tracking links.

Clinch Talent is a recruitment marketing platform and CRM that works to deliver the best candidate experience pre-apply, i.e. its focus is on attracting, nurturing, and converting candidates, as opposed to managing applications. 

If you are distributing your Clinch-hosted jobs via the Greenhouse ATS and wish to avail of end-to-end source tracking and attribution, you can append Greenhouse tracking links to the relevant pages by following the steps below:

a) Go to https://app.greenhouse.io/jobboard

b) Click the action button for the relevant jobs board and from the dropdown, select 'Tracking Link.'

c) Make your selection for 'Who gets credit?', then choose the source for which you want to establish attribution from the 'Select a source . . . ' dropdown.

d) Hit 'Create Link' and note the short code, as below.

When unpacked, the code will looking something like this: https://mdl-tech.career-pages.com/jobs/search?gh_src=29796c671

e) Navigate to your job distribution area in Greenhouse and append the tracking link, i.e. 'gh_src=29796c671' to the relevant URL. 
Using the example above, your new link should look like this:  https://mdl-tech.career-pages.com/jobs/channel-manager-emerging-markets-new-york-united-states?gh_src=29796c671

f) To ensure that all is configured correctly, it's best practice to visit the job page using the new URL and complete a test application. You should see that the 'gh_src' is passed across to the URL on the greenhouse form. This will allow for the correct attribution in Greenhouse. 

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