Clinch Talent Sourcing Board

The Clinch Talent Sourcing Board makes your pipelines more visible and facilitates more collaborative, more transparent recruiting. Built for volume, the boards can be populated with candidates sourced manually from the Clinch Talent CRM and / or external databases (including LinkedIn when profiles have been downloaded as PDFs and imported to Clinch), or, you can take advantage of the platform's machine learning capabilities and source candidates from the AI-generated “Clinch Suggestions” pool. 

Getting Started

To create a new Sourcing Board in Clinch Talent, go to 'CRM: Sourcing' in the left menu.

Click the green "+" sign to create a new sourcing board.

On the screen that follows, use the dropdown to indicate whether or not you would like your new board to be associated with a job. 

Associated with a job: when leveraging the Clinch Suggestions functionality, this board will surface candidates the system identifies as being a potential fit for the particular job in question. The user can then add as few or as many of these candidates as they wish to the board for further communication, nurture, and pipeline progression.  

Not associated with anything: this board is not constrained to any one, specific job but can still perform job-like actions. For example, you may wish to create a "job family" sourcing board to identify and manage candidates with an engineering focus. The Clinch Talent sourcing board can look at a few sample engineering roles and, leveraging the Clinch Suggestions functionality, automatically surface candidates the platform recognises as being suitable based on their previous browsing and interaction history. As few or as many as you wish can then be added to the board. 

Alternatively, you may want to create a board to manage candidates in relation to a project or event. This can also be achieved using Clinch.

Name your board and hit SAVE.

Custom Stages 

Just as job descriptions differ from one role to the next, so, too, do the recruiting requirements for each of those roles. The Clinch Talent Sourcing Board lets users create and add fully customisable pipeline “stages” that can be edited and updated to reflect the preferred processes of their company, team, and/or each individual user in their account. 

To edit an existing pipeline stage, click on the action button in that stage and select 'Edit Stage' from the dropdown.

Rename the stage accordingly and hit SAVE.

N.B. If your company does not require such flexibility, pipeline stages can also be pre-set in your Company Settings to ensure consistency across all sourcing boards in your account. 

Sourcing board stages can also be re-ordered using the 'Move Stage' option in the action button dropdown. 

Once you are happy with the layout of your sourcing board, you can begin to populate it with candidates. 

Adding Candidates 

Manual Sourcing: Clinch Talent sourcing boards can be populated with candidates sourced manually from the Clinch Talent CRM and / or external databases including Engage Talent, Hiring Solved, and LinkedIn (when profiles have been downloaded as PDFs and imported to Clinch).

Automated Sourcing: the Clinch Suggestions option uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically collate a list of candidates from which you can then select those you wish to add into the various pipeline stages. 

To add candidates manually, as in the screenshot above, click on the action button in the relevant sourcing board / pipeline stage and select the appropriate 'Source from . . . ' option from the dropdown. 

Messaging a Pipeline Stage

The Clinch Talent Sourcing Board is built for volume, and that extends to communicating with candidates. 

You can bulk message all candidates in a stage at once –via email or SMS text message– by clicking on the action button and selecting 'Email candidates in this stage' or 'SMS Candidates in this stage.'

When the message editor modal appears, enter your text (including a subject line for emails) and hit the SEND button to contact all candidates in that stage only. 

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