How to activate an Exit CTA in Clinch Talent

The Clinch Talent Exit CTA is a pop-up that appears to visitors as they attempt to leave your career site. An exit CTA is a great way of driving conversions and capturing contact details before candidates disappear off to a different website. 

Use your Clinch Talent Exit CTA to invite candidates to:

  • Join your talent network
  • Register for an event
  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Download a PDF
  • And more

Getting Started

You can use an existing call-to-action or create a new one for use, exclusively, in an "exit" scenario. 

For a step-by-step guide to creating a call-to-action, please click here

Once you have a CTA ready for use, open the left menu and go to Settings > Company.

Select Exit CTAs from the menu on the right.

Click the green "+" sign to add a new Exit CTA.

On the screen that follows:

  • Select the CTA you with to use as your Exit CTA from the dropdown
  • Set the delay, i.e. the minimum time someone will have to spend on the web page in order for the Exit CTA to appear as they move to depart
  • Select an effect used to introduce the Exit CTA
  • Choose the popup size
  • Select an audience for the Exit CTA, i.e. "Unknown Candidates" (anonymous career site visitors who have yet to submit any contact information) versus "All Candidates" ('unknowns' AND 'knowns,' i.e. those already in the CRM with first/last name and contact email details available)
  • If you wish, you can enter some additional text that will appear in the popup/Exit CTA


Adding an Exit CTA to a Page 

The Clinch Talent Exit CTA works at an individual page level; you can run one exit CTA across multiple pages on your career site, or, use different exit CTAs for different pages.

To assign an Exit CTA to a page, go to Web Pages in the top or left menu and use the search bar / click into the relevant campaign to locate your page.

Go to Settings via the action button on the Campaign page (figure 1.) or the Settings button/dropdown in the page editor (figure 2.).

(Fig. 1)

(Fig. 2.)

When the Settings modal appears, click on the 'Appearance & Behaviour' tab and select your Exit CTA from the dropdown.


N.B. You will need to hit the green UPDATE button in the top right corner to make any pending changes live, i.e. to activate your exit CTA.

Fully Customizable 

The Clinch Talent Exit CTA can be styled in keeping with your company's brand guidelines for a consistent candidate experience. For changes to colors and or fonts, please contact 

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