Workday API Integration

This guide will walk you through the process of integrating your Workday account with Clinch Talent. Note this integration uses the Workday Web Services SOAP API as opposed to Workday Reports.

Configuring Workday API

  • Your Workday administrator should configure a user account that has a username and password, and can be used to make SOAP API calls.
  • The account needs to be in the Integration Developers group.
  • Clinch Talent will be making calls to the API end points: getCandidates, getJobPostings which are part of the Recruiting web service
  • The account will need permissions to access:
    • Job Postings
    • Job Postings: External
    • Job Requisitions for Recruiting
    • Job Location External Names e.g. "6110 Stoneridge Mall Road, Pleasanton, CA 94588"
    • Candidate: Global Search
    • Candidate Data: Job Application
    • Candidate Data: Sharing
  • The tenant name should be known as it is used in the Endpoint URL and the username e.g. [user-name]@[tenant-name]

Configuring Clinch Talent

Integrating Workday with Clinch Talent is easy. 

You can start by navigating to the integrations page – Settings > Integrations, as below. 

Click the + button to add a new ATS Integration than select Workday API.

On the screen that follows, complete the fields using the information gathered from your Workday account.

WSDL URL: This is the URL of the Workday Recruiting WSDL file. Most likely it will look like this (note the version number)

Endpoint URL: This is the URL of your workday installation

API Version: e.g. v32.2

Username / Password: Get these credentials from your Workday administrator.

Hired States: This is a comma separated list of Workday statuses that mean the candidate was hired e.g. Hired

Success States: This is a comma separated list of Workday statuses that mean the candidate was an example of a "successful" candidate e.g. Third Interview,Offer in Process,Offer Rejected

Once the integration has been configured, you can activate or de-activate it by clicking on the PLAY / PAUSE icon as seen below. 

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