How to use candidate tags in Clinch Talent

Tags are a widely used and effective means of finding and segmenting candidates in your general database. The Clinch Talent platform and CRM makes it easy to create and add tags to candidate records, and to build both smart and static lists using those tags. 

How to create and add a candidate tag in Clinch Talent

You can add tags at an individual candidate level, or in bulk, i.e. to many candidates at once.

1. On an individual basis.

  • Navigate to the candidate grid screen (CANDIDATES) and locate the candidate to whom you wish to add the tag. 
  • Click on the candidate's name to generate the modal / pop-up.
  • Type out the new tag or select an existing tag from the dropdown that appears below the 'Tags' field, and hit return to save it to that candidate.

You can also add a tag via the candidate's full profile, accessed via the 'VIEW FULL PROFILE' button alongside the candidate's name in the modal / popup pictured above. 

2. Adding tags to many candidates at once

With Clinch, bulk tagging candidates is easy. 

As before, navigate to the candidate grid screen (CANDIDATES). If required, use the columns to filter your grid view.

Check the box next to those candidates to whom you wish to add the tag and select 'Tag Candidates' from the ACTIONS button dropdown.

Type out your tag(s) and hit 'ADD TAG' to save and apply to the selected candidates.

N.B. In some cases, it is possible for tags created and assigned in the ATS to be imported automatically as part of the sync, and associated with the candidate's record in the Clinch Talent CRM. Please contact for more information. 

For a step-by-step guide on how to create a list using candidate tags, please click here

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