How to Configure Candidate Anti-Merge in your Clinch Talent Account

The anti-merge feature in Clinch Talent serves to allow candidates to approve different devices that access their accounts on your company's careers website.

How it Works

When a candidate visits a Clinch-hosted landing page or job for the first time from a particular device or browser, they are assigned a unique identifier, or “candidate UID." 
If that candidate receives an email sent from Clinch that contains a personalized link, and they click on that link on a device/browser that they haven't used before, the Clinch Talent platform will now send them an automated "anti-merge" email (plain text or branded) asking them to explicitly accept this new device, i.e. confirm that the person clicking the link was the intended recipient. 
This will prevent unintended account-merging scenarios where a candidate forwards a personalized link to a friends or colleagues, or posts it to social media.

Customize Your Message 

As with all emails in Clinch Talent, the automated anti-merge mail is fully customizable using the email editor. 
Your Clinch Talent account comes complete with one default mail already set up, as below: 

To customize yours, or to create a new candidate merge email, navigate to EMAILS from the left or top menu, and select 'Candidate Merge' from the Email Type dropdown.

When you're happy with the email, you will need to instruct the system to send that specific mail when triggered. To do this, please go to Settings > Company in the left menu.

On the screen that follows, select 'Company Emails' on the menu to the right of the page.

Select the email to be used for Candidate Merge:

Hit SAVE at the bottom of the page to save your updated settings. 

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