How to create a structured feed of your jobs in Clinch Talent

Delivering jobs to distribution channels via a structured feed in Clinch Talent is a better, more reliable alternative to scraping.

Please follow the steps below to generate your own structured feed:

1. In the left menu, go to Settings > Channels

2. In the list of JOBS BOARDS, ensure that the Clinch generic feed is switched on. Use the pencil icon to edit and configure the feed rules if required, e.g. on for some departments but not all. 

3. In the left menu navigate to Settings > Company and click on 'Hosting Details & DNS Entries in the menu on the right. 

4. Copy your COMPANY ID from the Datacentre Details table.

5. Using the following templates, create your unique feed URL, inserting your company ID where referenced:

JSON format:<Company  ID> 


XML format:<Company  ID>

This URL now allows your job data to be shown in a structured format.

Assigning attribution and source of hire when using a feed

If you would like to associate attribution and source of hire, you can set a utm_source when calling the feed. This will set the utm_source you provide onto all the job landing page urls. The platform will then use this to assign attribution for traffic in analytics and reporting.

Below is an an example feed url where the desired attribution is to a jobs board called "super jobs board":

JSON format:


XML format:

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