How to build a list using candidate tags in Clinch Talent

The Clinch Talent platform and CRM makes it easy to create and add tags to candidate records, and to build both smart and static lists using those tags. 

To build a list using tags . . . 

1. Navigate to the candidate grid screen ('CANDIDATES' in the top or left menu)

2. Locate the Tags column. If it's not visible, click on the Columns tab to the right of the grid and check the 'Tags' box to add.

3. Click the icon alongside the Tags column field. From the dropdown, check the box next to those tags you wish to filter by. 

The grid view will update automatically to display only those candidates associated with the specified tags. 

4. To save the grid view –filtered by tag(s)– as a list, click the 'LISTS' button and select 'Create new list' from the dropdown. 

N.B. Candidates with a check in the box alongside their name can also be added to a new or existing static list using the relevant option in the dropdown as shown above. 

For more on lists, please check out the dedicated support doc

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