How to create an automated email Sequence in Clinch Talent

In Clinch Talent, a  Workflow is a series of automated actions triggered by a specific candidate event; completing a particular call-to-action, for example, or progressing to a different stage in the ATS. By automating outreach at key touch-points on the candidate journey, Workflows encourage the growth of a better-informed and more engaged talent network. This, in turn, leads to more effective, more efficient recruiting overall.

'Sequences by Clinch Talent' takes the platform's workflows tool to the next level, bringing together proven drip-marketing techniques with Clinch's own automation functionality. Leveraging our sophisticated Emails feature, the new 'Sequences' tab lets users construct and activate a series of personalized emails, delivered to candidates at intervals chosen by you, with just a few clicks. 

Getting Started

Click on Emails in the left menu. 

Select ' Email Campaign' from the 'Email Type' dropdown and click on the green "+" button to create a new workflow / sequence. 

Name your email, bearing in mind that delivery of this email will act as the trigger for the automated sequence.

Ensure that ' Email Campaign' is selected from the "What will this email be used for?" dropdown, choose an email theme, and hit SAVE. 

Edit your email, and click on 'NEXT STEP' to proceed through the SETTINGS, RECIPIENTS, and PREVIEW tabs, filling out the relevant fields on each screen.

When you arrive at the SEQUENCES screen, choose the 'Set up a sequence' option to generate the additional fields seen below, and complete as desired

N.B. Workflow Email(s) #1, #2 etc. These are previously created emails that will serve as the drip-marketing campaign (or 'Sequence') collateral. If you need to create some new workflow mails, please refer to this dedicated support doc. for a step-by-step guide to creating emails in Clinch Talent

Hit SAVE to generate your Sequence ( N.B. There will be an opportunity to review and/or edit the Sequence via the hyperlink or edit icon on the screen that follows, as below)

The screenshot below illustrates the Sequence generated using the above configuration.

If you wish to add a step to manage those candidates who DO fulfil the if/else branch rule, i.e. Candidate replied IS equal to true, you can do so by clicking the "+" button on the YES branch (no. 1 below).

If you wish to edit or delete a step, you can do so using the appropriate step tools highlighted below (no. 2)

As indicated by the green dot alongside 'Workflow' (first step), your Sequence will be live by default. You can pause it at any time by navigating to the main Workflows screen and clicking on the PAUSE icon inline.

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