How to measure keyword search performance in Clinch Talent

By understanding which keywords visitors to your careers site are typing into the search field and how those keywords are performing in terms of the number of jobs they're returning, you can create more customised, more relevant, and more effective job descriptions to drive more traffic and increase conversions. 

Getting Started

In the left or top menu, click on Reports.

Click on the Search tab. 

Apply any date range or web campaign filters you wish using the relevant fields.

Then, enter the keyword for which you wish to view search performance, and hit SEARCH.

You will arrive at a screen that offers the following insights on your relevant keyword:

Please note:

  • Where any additional filters were applied to the search query in addition to the relevant keyword, these will be included in the Additional Query Filters column. 

The example below shows that two known candidates, Mary and Caitlyn, applied a 'City: Chicago' filter as part of their keyword search. 
That particular search returned 7 jobs. 

Top Keyword Searches

To view your top keywords as determined by most searched, return to the general Search screen and scroll down to the Top Keyword Searches table. 

For a more detailed report on search performance for any one, specific keyword, click on the appropriate hyperlink in the Top Keyword Searches table, e.g. "Remote." You will be directed to a screen that presents the information as shown below:

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