How to Configure Candidate Email Verification in your Clinch Talent Account

Email verification is the means of verifying the quality and accuracy of an email address. We’ve introduced candidate email verification for Clinch Talent calls-to-action as a means of confirming that the email address a candidate enters is valid and belongs to a real person. Not only will this improve email deliverability rates and reduce bounces for more effective, more efficient email campaigns, it will contribute to a cleaner, more reliable database / talent network, too.

Please note: as long as a candidate uses the same browser and/or device for all subsequent CTA submissions, they will only be asked to verify their email once. If, after completing the verification process once, they return to the career site / landing page / job using a different browser and/or device, they will be asked to verify their email again upon CTA completion.

Getting Started

To configure email verification for your Clinch Talent account, please follow the steps below:

1. Ensure that you have a candidate verification email created. You can check by going to EMAILS in the top or left menu, and selecting 'Candidate Verification' from the EMAIL TYPE dropdown, as below.

N.B. If you find that you do not have a verification email created, you can do this now by clicking on the green "+" button to the right of the screen. You will need to ensure that EMAIL TYPE is set to 'Candidate Verification' and that you select the Candidate Verification email theme to proceed.

2. Next, open the left menu and go to Settings > Company. 

Click on 'Company Emails' in the menu on the right.

In the 'Company Emails' panel, select the appropriate email from the dropdown labelled, "Please choose the email to be used for Candidate Verification."

3. Once you've made your selection, scroll up and click on 'Candidate Verification' in the menu on the right.

4. Check the box labelled, "Verification required for form submissions" and hit SAVE at the bottom of the screen to update your settings.

Candidate email verification has now been enabled for all calls-to-action in your Clinch Talent account.

To view the verification process from the candidate side, please click here

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