Importing Candidates into Clinch Talent


It's easy to import a CSV file of existing candidates (from an ATS or email marketing system) into Clinch Talent. 

Preparing the CSV file

A valid CSV file has the following characteristics:

  • A header line is optional, but can be helpful.
  • Each candidate is on its own line.
  • A candidate mush have a valid email address column.
  • A candidate can optionally have a First Name and a Last Name column.

Clinch Talent processes large CSV files very efficiently, and can comfortably import tens of thousands of candidates within a single file.

Here is an example of a valid CSV file of candidates:


1. Go to Candidates > All Candidates.

2. From the right-hand drop-down menu, choose "Import Candidates"

3. Select the green plus sign to add a new CSV file.

4. Select "Upload CSV" file option and choose the CSV file from your local disk.

5. Choose if the CSV file has a header or not. Note: If you choose Yes and the file does not have a header, then the first candidate record may be skipped, or, the file may fail to import at all.

6.Select the correct values for columns 1-3, using the dropdown options provided. These should exactly match the structure of the CSV file you are uploading.

7. Optionally, type in a tag that will be added to every candidate that is imported. This is highly recommended as it allows you to find all the imported candidates by doing an advanced search for the specified tag.

8. Select "Save" and the import process will begin. Depending on the number of candidate records to be imported, it may take some time for the process to complete. You can refresh the "Candidate Import History" screen as much as you like to monitor progress.
9. If any errors occur during the import, you can view details on them by clicking on the blue error number.

Note: You can safely log out of your account while the import is being processed, and it will continue to run in the background.

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