Enterprise Security


Security is an important element of the Clinch Talent product. The Enterprise Security panel within the Company Settings screen enables you to set user security rules that match your company's policies.

The Enterprise Security Panel 

Lock users after inactivity

This setting will lock any of your users' accounts if they remain inactive for the specified number of days. Inactive means that they have not logged in or used the Clinch Talent Admin system in any way during the specified period.

A locked user will not be able to log in again until they are unlocked. Any locked users will appear in the User Audit Log report.

The default period of 0 days, will disable this feature and not auto-lock users.

Force expire users passwords

This setting will force users to change/update their passwords after the specified number of days. Users will be required to change their passwords before continuing access to the Clinch Talent system.

All password changes will appear in the User Audit Log report.

The default period of 0 days, will disable this feature and not force passwords to expire.

Force logout users

This setting will force logout users after the specified number of hours. In effect, this sets the maximum length of time a user can remain logged in for, until they are forced to login in again.

The main purpose of this setting is to force logout users overnight, and ensure everyone has to log in again in the morning. However, you should be cautious with this setting. If a user is force logged out, they will be so regardless of their activity (or lack thereof) at the time, even if they are in the middle of editing content or configuring a campaign. 

The default period of 0 hours will disable this feature and not force users to be logged out.

Allow rememberable

On the Clinch Talent login box, there is an option "Keep me signed in". This is a convenience function, that if someone closes the Clinch Talent system window and browses again to the Clinch Talent website, they will be automatically remembered and remain logged in.

Un-ticking, the "Allow rememberable" option allows a company to override this function, so that users will no longer be remembered, even if an individual user tries to use the feature.

User Audit Log

The Clinch Talent system records all user activity and presents this information on the User Audit Log, which can be viewed by visiting the Settings -> User Audit Log option from the left-hand menu.

The audit log can also be downloaded as a CSV file and viewed within Excel.

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