Finding Your Way Around Analytics in Clinch Talent: Block Analysis

In Clinch Talent, your recruiting content pages are built using a framework of rows and blocks.

There are 11 different types of blocks in Clinch Talent, including text, image, and video.  You can learn more about blocks here

The Block Analysis report then gives you a clear and colourful indication of how your content is performing at an individual block level. With different colours used to depict differing levels of engagement, block analysis lets you see quickly which blocks in your pages are working effectively to engage candidates. 

Accessing your block analysis report

Click on the Block Analysis tab, then click on whichever page it is that you’d like to view block performance for.

Each of the content blocks on your page will be shaded red, yellow, or green, depending on the level of candidate interaction that block has seen — low, medium, or high, respectively. 

By default, the scoring is calculated based on that block’s performance in relation to other blocks within that campaign. If you would like to see how the blocks fare in relation to other blocks on that page, make that selection from the dropdown in the top left corner — seen below.

 For information on editing page layout to drive higher engagement, please see this  dedicated help doc.

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