Finding Your Way Around Analytics in Clinch Talent: Heatmaps

In Clinch Talent, a heatmap is a visual representation of data that uses colours to show how people are looking at your pages.

Accessing your heatmaps report

Click on the Heatmaps tab for an overview of visits to your pages. See the date and time of the first and most recent visits to your pages, and number of data points where data point is defined as one mouse hover over one point on a page.

On the Heatmaps screen, there are two clickable hyperlinks: the page title, and the page summary “View” link.

View heatmaps for each visitor session

Click on the page title to see a list of all heatmapped sessions, where session is the period of time an individual spent browsing that particular page.

Also on this screen, you'll find the following information:

  • When each session took place
  • The identity of the individual responsible for the session (“Prospect + number” where candidate is not yet known/has not converted via a call-to-action)
  • How long that individual spent on the page, the size of the device they used to view the page, and number of data points recorded 

To view the heat map for a particular visitor session, click on the “View” link in the far left column (“Sessions.”)

To get more information on the prospect or known candidate, click on their Prospect number or name in the “Identity” column to view their profile.

View heatmaps for each iteration of a page

Over time, you may make changes to your pages, adding, removing, or repositioning content, for example, with a view to driving more engagement.

Your heatmap summaries report lets you see a list of all the iterations of that page, as well as which areas of that page have seen the most and least visitor activity when viewed on mobile and/or desktop.

To view your heatmap summaries report, click on the Heatmaps tab to return to the main screen.

In the Page Summary column, click “View” in line with a particular page for a list of all iterations of that page, and information on candidate activity on each iteration. 

Click Desktop or Mobile in line with a particular page iteration to see which areas of the page in that iteration saw the most and least activity when viewed on that device type.

Areas that saw the most activity will be framed in green, and those that saw the least, in red.

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