Finding Your Way Around Analytics In Clinch Talent: Calls-to-Action

In Clinch Talent, a call-to-action (or "CTA") is the means by which an anonymous visitor to your careers-related landing pages demonstrates an interest in your company as an employer and makes him/herself known to that employer. You can  find out more on calls-to-action here.

Accessing your calls-to-action report

From the main analytics screen, click on the tab to see your calls-to-action report for the period of time defined by the date range in the top right corner of the calls-to-action screen. To edit the date range, simply click into the field. 

In your calls-to-action report, you can view:

  • Calls-to-action used within this particular campaign
  • List of pages within this particular campaign on which those calls-to-action feature
  • Metrics specific to this particular campaign, including total number of views on the pages that feature your CTAs, total number of uniques, total number of completed CTAs, and conversion rates 

Clicking on the action button (three vertical dots in top right corner, as indicated by the * below) will allow you to export a CSV for the data currently on display. 

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