Clinch Talent dashboard and navigation: finding your way around

Clinch Talent dashboard: at a glance

At the top of the dashboard screen, you will see headline analytics that display the following information:

  • Total visits
  • Total candidates
  • Total applications

This data is reflective of  all activity across all campaigns since your company account was created in Clinch Talent. More detailed information is available in the Reports section, which you can access via the top-level or left menus.

Below these analytics, you will see three panels. Each panel displays data that's relevant to one of the three focus areas of the Clinch Talent platform:  employer brandingrecruitment marketing, and/or candidate sourcing.

  • Web pages — see where your candidates are coming from as well as your most viewed pages
  • Candidates — see the candidate lists created by your company and get a breakdown of your candidate pool by segment
  • Jobs — see your most viewed jobs this week, your bookmarked jobs, and the total number of candidates currently appearing in the “Pools” section of the sourcing pipeline.

N.B. Bookmarked jobs are individual to you / your user login. You can edit your Bookmarked jobs by clicking on “View all jobs” in the panel or on “Jobs” in the top navigation and clicking the star icon to add or remove a bookmark.

Top-level navigation 

Above the dashboard visuals are four, top-level items:  Web PagesCandidatesJobs, and Reports

Think of these as being "section heads," with each one acting as a gateway to all related information and functionality.

For example:

  • Click into Web Pages to access your recruitment marketing campaigns and for all content-related tasks such as creating a new campaign, page, or call-to-action. 
  • Click into Candidates to view all lists and emails created by your company, and to carry out tasks relating to candidates such as list segmentation and emailing. 
  • Click into Jobs to view all jobs in “live” or “draft” mode, and to bookmark or edit jobs.
  • Click into Reports to view all metrics and analytics relating to web campaigns, traffic by network, external heatmaps, and page sources.

For ease of navigation, each of the four, top-level items is also available in the left menu.

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