How to manage content publishing permissions in Clinch Talent

So that your recruitment marketing content can be distributed with confidence and be effective in attracting, engaging, and informing candidates, it must meet the branding standards set by your organisation. 

Clinch Talent has a content approval mechanism in place that helps reduce the risk of sub-standard content going live.

How it works

Each team member in Clinch Talent has specific content access rights or publishing permissions assigned to them. These rights and permissions are determined by  Roles

The Roles, along with their content permissions, are as follows: 

  • Content creator: Can create and edit pages in Clinch Talent
  • Content approver: Can approve content and push it live
  • Content publisher: Can create and publish content without seeking approval
  • Recruiter: Can do everything an admin can do, except save changes to a page (unless they have content publisher rights also). A recruiter cannot make "settings" changes e.g. adding users, making theme changes, viewing user logs, ATS integration configuration, API credentials, etc.
  • Admin: Can do everything, including assigning roles to other team members 

As highlighted above, anyone who is an Admin in Clinch Talent can assign roles.

N.B. By default, when a new team member is added in Clinch Talent, he or she is automatically an Admin. To manage his or her permissions, visit their team member page by following the directions below.

Assigning and managing team member roles and permissions 

If you are a company Admin, go to  Settings > Team in the left menu.

On the screen that follows, you will see all current team members. Click on the Edit icon (pencil) in line with the team member whose role/permissions you would like to manage and scroll to the bottom of their page. 

In the  Roles box, check the box(es) to determine what content publishing permissions that individual team member should have. 

Hit  Save

To learn how  Roles affect a team member's ability to edit and approve content on Clinch Talent, please see this dedicated help doc

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