Broadbean: Pushing content out to job boards


Broadbean is an automated job distribution tool that allows simultaneous job posting to multiple sites. It can be configured to transmit to more than 10,000 job boards globally. Clinch Talent is tightly integrated into Broadbean, so the Clinch content can utilize the reach that Broadbean enables.

Note: Having a Broadbean subscription/account is a prerequisite.

Activating the integration

1. Visit Company Settings > Channels.

2. Under the Job Distribution section, click on Broadbean.

3. Fill out your Broadbean Client ID. This will be given to you by your Broadbean Account Manager or their support team.

4. Select "Use Master Account" if that is the way that Broadbean has been configured. Also, enter the "Master Account" that has been set-up on Broadbean. 

Alternatively, if "Use Master Account" is not selected, the current Clinch Talent logged-in user will be used for the Broadbean integration. Note: for this to work, a matching user account needs to be provisioned in Broadbean. 

Pushing content with Broadbean

1. Visit Job > Broadbean Tab. Note: this option is only available after a Broadbean integration is configured and activated.

2. The Broadbean screen will show all eligible job content pages.

3. Select the "Upload" action beside the job that's to be pushed out over Broadbean.

4. A new tab opens with the Broadbean application. The relevant job data has already been sent over and is immediately available.

5. Use the Broadbean posting application in the normal manner. All applications will be directed back to the appropriate Clinch Talent page for that job!

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