How to construct campaign job criteria in Clinch Talent

Job criteria in Clinch Talent is grouped into two categories:

  1. Explicit fields
  2. Non-explicit fields

An  explicit field uses the "=" symbol, and requires the job criteria to be formatted as follows:

city = “Dublin"

In Clinch Talent, the following fields are explicit ONLY: 

  • city
  • state
  • country_code (e.g. IE, US)
  • department
  • employment_type

non-explicit (or implicit) field is more akin to a keyword search and requires only one criteria component.

A non-explicit field in Clinch Talent is: title

This means that if you type “Rails”, the system will return all jobs that feature “Rails” in the title.

Complex Criteria

You can create more complex job criteria by adding any of the following operators:

  • “contains” 
  • “or” 
  • “and”

For example, to pull in all jobs where city contains Dublin, the criteria would look like this:

city ~ Dublin

If you’d like to exclude all Dublin jobs from your results, the criteria would be, does not contain: city !~ “Dublin" and would look like this:

city !~ “Dublin"

To create a more varied list of jobs, try a “this or that” criteria. For example, all jobs in Dublin or Cork, the construct would be as follows:

city = dublin or city = cork 

To create a more specific list of jobs, use “and.” For example, where city is Dublin and all the jobs contain “rails” in their title, the construct would be as follows:

city = dublin and title ~ rails

N.B. Where a field is not specified, (e.g. title) the system will search the job title, description, ATS ID, location, etc. for a match. For example, in the case of [title ~ "aaa" or "bbb"], while the intention translates as [title contains "aaa" or "bbb"], what the system actually reads is, [title contains "aaa" or "bbb" is found in any of the fields listed above.]

This is why it's important to qualify each criteria component, i.e. title ~ "aaa" or title ~"bbb"

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