How to preview, publish, and unpublish a page in Clinch Talent

The  Clinch Talent Page Editor allows you to create, edit, and display your recruitment marketing content the way you want to.

Powerful and easy-to-use, the editor tool lets you build, customize, and publish rich-media, mobile-optimized landing pages for use in attracting, engaging, and converting candidates. 

To access the Page Editor, go to  Web Pages > Campaigns via the top or left menu. Then, click into the campaign that houses the page you wish to edit. 

Click the  Edit icon (pencil) inline with the relevant page. This will bring you to the Page Editor. 

Previewing and publishing your page from inside the page editor 

Generating a page preview:

  • When making changes to your pages, you can preview what each new iteration would look like live by clicking View > View Changes.
  • To view the most up-to-date version of a page that is currently live, click View > View Current.
  • Both pages will open in new tabs.
  • To adjust your Page Settings (title, slug/URL, associated job, and campaign), Appearance (theme, show header / show footer), and SEO attributes (meta description), click Settings alongside the View button.

Publishing a page 

Depending on your user permissions, you may or may not be able to make and put changes live yourself.

If you have permission to both edit and publish pages, when you create a new page, you will see a  Publish button in the top left corner of the Page Editor. Once you have finished working on the page, click this button to push it live.

Once the page is live, when you go into the Page Editor to make any additional edits, the Publish button will be replaced with an  Update button. When you have finished making changes to your page, click here to make the current iteration of the page live.  

If, at any stage, the page is Unpublished, when you view that page in the Page Editor, you will see that the Update button has gone, to be replaced by the Publish button.

Requesting approval

It may be the case that you can make edits but need to seek approval before those changes can go live. In this instance, the button you see in the top left corner of the Page Editor will read Request Approval.

Click here once you have finished making changes to your page. This will trigger an email notification to a team member who has the user rights to approve the changes and make that current iteration of your page live. 

Approving changes

If you are a user with permission to approve changes, once a request is submitted, you will receive an email notification — highlighted above.

The email will contain two links:

  1. The first will open a preview of the page as it would appear live, with the recent updates in place
  2. The second will approve the changes and make them live on the published page

The advantage of this email is the convenience of being able to preview, approve, and publish the edited page without having to log in to Clinch Talent. 

Pending changes

If you are waiting for edits to be approved, when you click into the relevant campaign, you will see a "Pending changes" notification below the title of the recently updated page. This will disappear once your edits have been approved.  

Unpublishing a page

If you would like to  Unpublish a page, you can do this from the campaign pages screen.

  • Click to open the campaign that holds the page you would like to unpublish.
  • Find that page on the list and click the Action Button (three vertical dots)
  • From the dropdown, select Unpublish

Promoting Live Pages

To learn how to automatically distribute your recruitment marketing content to the jobs boards of your choosing, please see the  associated help document.

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