Understanding content blocks in Clinch Talent

In Clinch Talent, your rich media landing pages are built using a series of rows containing one or more content blocks. There is a variety of block types on offer in Clinch Talent.

Adding a Block

In the Page Editor,once you have added a row, click on the " +" button in the top left corner of that row to generate the drop-down. From here, select which content block type you'd like to add.

Once a block has been added, the "+" button will disappear — to be replaced by a pencil icon and a trash icon.

Use the pencil icon to edit content within a block, and the trash icon to delete a block.

For more on understanding rows and page layout in Clinch Talent, please see the  associated help doc

Block Types in Clinch Talent

1. Text

Select "Text" from the dropdown to add a text block. This block will be pre-populated with lorem ipsum copy. To replace this text with your own, formatted copy, click the "edit block" pencil icon in the top left corner.

To delete the block and replace with a different content block type e.g. image, click the trash icon in the top left corner. 

2. Image

Select "Image" from the dropdown. A default image will appear automatically. To replace this image with another from your gallery, click the "edit block" pencil icon in the top left corner and "Choose Image" as seen below.

For more on using the  Clinch Talent Gallery, please see the associated help doc.

3. Team Member Quote

This block features a team member avatar, their contact details, and space for text. Select "Team Member Quote" from the dropdown to insert. To add a headshot of the team member quoted and the quote itself, click the "edit block" pencil icon in the top left corner. Select a team member from the drop down, add the quote text in the editor below, and hit  Save.

4.  Team

Block featuring headshots and contact details for multiple team members. Select "Team" from the drop-down to insert. Click the "edit block" pencil icon to add or remove featured team members using the drop-downs.

5.  Links 

Add a links block to showcase additional online content that offers value to your candidates. Select "Links" from the dropdown to add the block, then click the "edit block" pencil icon to add the URL of the content you'd like to feature. Hit  Save

Where images are present, the link will render as a rich media card, seen below.

6.  Call-to-Action

A Call-to-Action block includes a form field that allows you to capture a candidate's email address. There should be at least one Call-to-Action block on each page you create in Clinch Talent.  

  IMPORTANT:  You must create a Call-to-Action in a separate step before you can add one to your page. For more on creating Calls-to-Action, please see the associated help doc.

Once that step is completed and you have returned to the Page Editor, proceed through the following:

  • Hover over the appropriate row and select "Call-to-Action" from the dropdown to add the block.
  • With the block added, click the "edit block" pencil icon in the top left corner and select which CTA you'd like to feature from the options given in the dropdown.
  • Below the dropdown, in the text editor, add the supporting text and hit Save.

7.  Embedded Media

Select "Embedded Media" from the dropdown to add audio files, for example, to your page. Once the block has been added to the page, you will see a message that reads, "(Media unavailable in editing mode.)" Click the "edit block" pencil icon in the top left corner to add the URL for your media file. Hit Save.

8.  Map

Show candidates where your office is located. Select "Map" from the dropdown, then click the "edit block" pencil icon to add the URL of the Google map you wish to display on your page. Hit Save9.  Job Lists

The "Job Lists" block is a scrolling list of current job vacancies at your company where those jobs have been pulled into Clinch Talent via an ATS and individual pages generated for them automatically.

To add a job listings block to your page, select "Job Listings" from the dropdown. Click on the "edit block" pencil icon to filter the jobs shown. For information on  how to customize the jobs lists block so that a candidate sees "criteria-based," "recommended," or "similar" jobs, click here.

10. Job Description 

The "Job Description" block is the main body of the job ad. and lists role responsibilities, requirements of the candidate etc.

When jobs have been automatically pulled into Clinch Talent via the integration with your ATS, it is not possible to edit the job description.

When jobs have been added manually, you can edit the description by going to  Jobs in the top or left menu and selecting the relevant job from the list.

To add a Job Description block to your page, click the "+" in the top left corner of a new row and select "Job Description" from the dropdown.

Formatting Text Blocks

When adding text (in the form of a text block, agent quote, call-to-action, or perhaps on top of an image), be aware that you have various formatting options available to you.

Once you've added a block that already contains or will contain text, click the "edit block" pencil icon in the top left corner to format this text.

In addition to  Bold and  Italics, you can choose to display your text, or sections of your text, as:


Header 2 



To choose one of the above, highlight the relevant section of text, and select an option from the "Formats" dropdown. 

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